Why you should consider a black Tungsten Ring?

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Tungsten is introduced as the most durable metal that is used to make wedding rings. The reason being tungsten is much more scratch-resistant than other metals that are commonly used for making wedding bands. If you are also looking for a durable yet stylish, then consider buying a black tungsten ring. They are one of […]

Top three tips when purchasing a wedding ring

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First off, congratulations on your upcoming wedding. If you have found yourself here, you have started the task of finding yourself a wedding ring. Feeling a bit lost about where to begin, and what you should be looking out for when purchasing a wedding band? Don’t stress, read on for our tips on purchasing a […]

Wooden Ring Box

wooden ring box

Looking for a wooden ring box? The Gentleman’s Smith wooden ring box is a slimline ring box made from bamboo. Designed to carry two rings and fit flatly in a pocket, our wooden ring box means you don’t have to carry around a bulky ring box. This ring box will keep your ring safe for […]

Can men’s wedding rings be cut off in an emergency?

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If required, in an emergency wedding rings are cut off. A common question asked is, are all men’s wedding rings able to be removed safely? Whilst some men’s wedding rings are stronger than others, and all rings are made from different materials, most men’s wedding rings can be removed safely. Men’s wedding rings can be […]

How much does a Men’s Wedding Ring cost?

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How much should a men’s wedding ring cost? Trying to figure out how much to spend on a wedding ring? It’s going to last a lifetime, so you don’t want to get it wrong. Find out how much men’s wedding rings cost below and what influences the price point.  Wedding rings are made out of […]

Do Titanium Wedding Rings Scratch?

Titanium is an incredible metal with some rather unique characteristics, which make it the perfect metal for a wedding ring. Titanium is extremely lightweight but very strong. This makes it ideal for a range of industrial applications, and of course also ideal as a men’s wedding ring. On top of this, it’s a surprise to some […]

Men’s Wedding Rings That Don’t Scratch

Tungsten Men's Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are made from all sorts of metals. Every metal has different qualities and are used for different reasons. Read on to find out which wedding rings don’t scratch and which do. Traditional wedding ring metals Traditionally used in jewelry are gold and silver which are precious metals and therefore cost a lot to […]

How to buy a men’s wedding ring?

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In the market for a men’s wedding ring? We will step you through what you require to get yourself the perfect men’s wedding ring, on time and the right size. Choose between buying in-store or online. Interested in buying online? Buying online allows you to purchase from home and your ring will be delivered to […]

How should a men’s wedding ring fit?

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As simple as we’ve made buying a men’s wedding ring, there just isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to sizing and fit.   The video above provides some information on what the perfect fit is and isn’t.  Men’s fingers come in not just a huge range of sizes, but also shapes.  This is why we stock dozens of […]

How to find out which men’s wedding ring size you are?

Find out which men’s wedding ring size you are by following the below steps.  Use our measuring tool* to gain an accurate sizing for a Men’s wedding ring. 1. Form a loop with the sizer, by putting the flat end through the notch on the other end. 2. Place this around the fourth finger on […]

Which finger does a men’s wedding ring go on?

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Men’s wedding rings are given as a symbol of commitment during a marriage ceremony. The finger a men’s wedding ring is worn on varies from country to country and culture to culture. Usually influenced by tradition, culture and personal preference. We are here to help you figure out how you want to wear your wedding ring. In […]

Are Men’s Wedding Rings With Diamond Worth It?

Diamond jewelry looks so extravagant – whether it’s a men’s, or a women’s diamond wedding ring. Most guys prefer a simple look and style and so they’ll choose smooth surfaced and plain wedding bands. Whilst that is the norm, there’s no rules and some will opt for a bit flare by studding their ring with […]

Why Are Men’s Wedding Rings With Wood Popular Right Now?

Wooden rings are a popular choice, because they are so different to traditional rings with their interesting characteristics of grain and colour. Unfortunately, there are a few significant downsides that you should be aware of before purchasing a wooden wedding ring. Being a natural product, wooden rings are more vulnerable to breakage. Their tendency to […]

Can men’s wedding rings be resized?

If you are wondering what happens if ring no longer fits and if it can be resized, then read on for your options. Men’s wedding rings can be resized, but it all depends on what metal it is made of. Men’s wedding rings come in all sorts of different metals. In general jewelers can resize […]

Michael P

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Really happy with the rings and the customer service. I never post to say ‘thank you’ but thought it only fair given how the GS team so easily arranged a ring swap when I bought a size too big. Well done!

Ian Q

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I was lucky, I knew exactly what I wanted but didn’t know where to get it. Facebook was listening and showed me The Gentleman’s Smith. Their process is simple and clever and the results were perfect. If you are looking for something that isn’t your typical gold band, if tungsten or titanium is a better […]

Robert E L

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Prompt service, ring sizer works and the ring is a great design and comfortable to wear.

Sophie G

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Amazing service, i left specific and different instructions for the delivery of the sizing kit and the ring and they followed each of these to the letter. The ring, when it arrived quickly, was absolutely perfect and the box it came in was beautiful. The ring isa perfect fit for my partner and is exactly […]

Ben C

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Easy as pie and even the most unorganised bloke can’t stuff this one up.

Tammy R

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Fantastic ring, fantastic service!! It took several attempts for us to find the perfect size ring, but the team at The Gentleman’s Smith were so helpful and happy to send out replacements – absolutely nothing was a bother. My partner and I could not be happier with the box, the ring, and the service this […]

Finding the right fit for your wedding ring.

A wedding ring is something that you want to wear all day, everyday. It symbolizes the ongoing union of you and your spouse. The fit of your wedding ring is a big deal. So it better be bloody comfortable. Here’s how you want your wedding ring to fit, so that you can wear it day […]

Ondre L

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Amazing looking ring! Very fast delivery and excellent customer service. I wasn’t too sure on how the ring would look on my finger but I’m so happy with it! The really do have the perfect design. Would recommend to everyone who wants a simple but stylish and very strong wedding band. The process and guarantees […]

Cassandra S

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Wow. These guys just get it RIGHT. We went in to 2 different jewellery stores and the girls behind the counter tried to sell my fiance stupidly expensive rings that just were not him! Then I happened to find Gentleman’s Smith online. Simple. Straightforward. Quick. Painless. Perfect! Thank you for being so awesome and making […]


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Here you are, researching wedding rings, being bombarded with information about styles, metals and sizes. It’s about now that you realize it’s not going to be the simple task you thought it might have been. Probably the most confronting thing you have found is the amount of different styles available to you and all the […]

Chris B

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Can’t fault the ring at all. Quick delivery, great and useful packaging (pocket case), and most importantly the Titanium ring is great. Light, great colour, fit perfectly and nicely brushed.

Brad W

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Awesome customer service! I absolutely love my ring, in not a Ring/ jewellery person but the ring is so comfortable I don’t even notice im wearing it. The box the ring came in is awesome we used it to carry our rings on the big day! Thanks again GS I will recommend you to all […]

So, why even a wedding ring?

Man wearing Tungsten Men's Wedding Ring

You may never have even asked the question? Too embarrassed to ask? Everyone just knows the answer, right? Wearing a wedding ring is one of those things that a lot of people do, and for good reason. A wedding ring, is just that, a ring that is a symbol of a marriage. Often vows that […]

Stephanie H

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We ordered my fiancé’s ring earlier this year. The team from The Gentleman’s Smith were quick to respond to our order and answer any questions we had. We had to send the ring back only once to get the right size, and it was all a very quick and simple process. There were clear instructions […]

Nicole J

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This is the best thing since sliced bread!!!… such a great product! The customer service was so good and absolutely stress free!… what more could you ask for when planning a wedding. There should be more of it! Thank you

Sarah P

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Super fast delivery, the guys were so helpful and the ring & ring box are just perfect!

Marcia B

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Thank you so much for creating the perfect ring! Your service is outstanding and a quick turn around for delivery. We adore the ring box too! Thanks again

Emma L

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Only ordered my fiancé’s ring last Saturday night. Received the ring sizer a couple of days later and then arrived home from work yesterday with a card in the letterbox to pick up a registered letter. Picked the ring up this morning and it is exactly what we wanted! Sizing is PERFECT and my fiancé […]

Bindy D

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Probably the best customer service I’ve received, ever! I ordered the wrong size just days away from our wedding so these guys sent out 2 replacement rings (half size and full size difference) to ensure I’d have the correct size for my wedding. Awesome and affordable rings, highly recommended.

Kas L

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I should have written this ages ago, sorry guys! First class customer service from one very happy bride! We ordered one each and I love mine as its so practical for work. Thanks so so much!

Emma J J

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Incredible service! Was super easy to order and even when my fiancé ring size wasn’t spot on, they sent 2 additional rings to ensure it was a perfect fit. The ring itself is flawless and exactly what was advertised. Would definitely recommend!

Jace M

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Arrived very quickly and fit correctly. Can not recommend high enough. Thanks

Sarah D

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We ordered a ring from my gentleman smith for my husband for his wedding band. The customer service was exceptional ! Thank u he loves his wedding ring

Dan F

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Excellent service and easy to deal with.

Emily J S

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Super fast and so easy! Just what we needed.

Rhys M

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Exceptional rings, & OUTSTANDING service from Alice & the team…

Kady L

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What fantastic service! My husband had his finger measured at a jewellery shop and when we ordered his ring we let them know the size. His ring came and it was too big. We contacted Gentlemen’s Smith and told them, they sent out two smaller rings at no charge with a return envelope and said […]

Tony P

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Excellent service, product exactly as advertised. When the ring sizer was originally sent, there was a small hiccup with the post – it either was not delivered at all or misplaced by a coworker at the office I had it delivered to. Regardless, TGS was quick to send another via registered post, arriving only a […]

Adam D

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Seamless! Luckily I knew my ring size. Placed my order on the 19th July, Shipped on the 28th July, Received on the 31st July (next business day). Very very impressed with the ring. Thank you. The box is awesome.

Sam O

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Received our ring today. Very efficient and prompt service!!! Very happy

Thomas S

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They are great! Prompt and enthusiastic! Love it!!!

Jaymie-Lee G

Testimonial author photo not available

What a great idea! We love the wedding band so much. It was so quick to receive and such a very easy process. The guys behind the company were so friendly and accommodating. We definitely reccommend them!

Jake & Charne

Photo of testimonial author

So impressed with how quickly our ring arrived and the quality! Before we found you we went to many jewellery shops and nothing was catching his eye, i came across you guys and partner loved the ring, i have to say the product is even better in person ! We love that you get a […]

Lewis G

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What an exceptional product, not only that but their service before and after has been incredible. They are prompt, friendly and the have a great sense of humour. I thought I had lost my ring only 2 months after being married and they were ready to do whatever it would take to help me get […]

Sarah K

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Love this concept and the product is awesome. So easy and fast. Highly recommended

Aaron F

Photo of testimonial author

Was massively unsure of what ring size i was so the boys sent me a cable tie like ring sizer. followed the instructions and got my ring yesterday amazingly fast turn around. these guys are genuine legends. ps its a perfect fit!

Lachlan N

Photo of testimonial author

Got a ring from these guys and loved it! Because I’m a man not a rocket scientist I chose the wrong size – but the lads sent me the right size immediately with a return slip for the first ring. SO SIMPLE. Really thankful to them for making my ring choice easy – and fun! […]

Ryan B

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Got my ring today! Perfect fit, hassle free service and amazingly handy ring box! You Gentleman are worthy of a 5 star review!

Matthew M

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Had myself sized before ordering. My ring arrived in a magnificent wooden box. It fit and it looks amazing. These guys know what they are doing for sure. Even offered to try a different size if I’d stuffed it and got the wrong size.. luckily I didn’t need to. 10/10 would recommend!

Ellie B

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We received the ring and are both so impressed with the quality and service! The box is brilliant and the ring itself is perfect, simple. Thank you!

Jordie F

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Easiest part of planning our wedding was getting this ring… guys we’re super helpful and everything was exactly as stated on the website, thanks for starting this service guys.. such a simple idea yet so effective.

Billie B

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Such an awesome idea and even better service. Thanks so much!

Daniel C

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Got my ring and box in the mail today. Stoked with it. Thanks guys.

Jamie D S

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Hey guys! Just receive my replacement ring, thanks so much. Just wanna say how impressed I am by the whole gig. Being a businessman myself I can appreciate the brilliance and simplicity that has gone into this operation. Loving the ring, loving the service, keep up the good work

Sam S

Photo of testimonial author

Hi guys, just dropping a line to say how happy I was with the whole buying process from the Gentleman’s Smith. Super easy to deal with, timely in communication as well as delivery. Getting married this coming Sunday, and as awesome as your ring box is, I thought it could use a little personalisation. Thanks […]

Jess and Nigel

Photo of testimonial author

Hello, I just want to say that I am very impressed with your service and the ring is perfect. The regular updates on what process they were up to was very comforting. I will certainly be referring you on to any man looking for his wedding ring! Cheers guys, the whole experience has been fantastic.

Bev W

Testimonial author photo not available

Thanks for the great customer support and quick turnaround in getting the ring. With a wedding just around the corner the sizer was sent express post and we were able to get the order in straight away a couple of days later we received the ring and it was just what Hubby was looking for.. […]

Elena K

Testimonial author photo not available

Just got the ring yesterday, it fits perfectly and my fiance was very pleased. Here’s another job well done! Thank you so much for your help! Keep up the good work 🙂


Photo of testimonial author

Thanks to The Gentleman’s Smith team for their outstanding efforts. Getting the right size required a couple of back-and-forths, but the quick response time and patience was really appreciated. A great looking and feeling ring that will be a pleasure to wear for years and years! Cheers!

Sam J

Photo of testimonial author

“Matt and the team at Gentleman’s Smith made getting the perfect wedding ring so easy. The design of the ring is awesome and the team were incredibly helpful when it came to resizing the ring to get the perfect fit. Cheers.”

Tim M

Photo of ring box and thank you for your order card

Looks great, the size is perfect. You guys have simplified the process and provided a quality ring. I’ve been laughing at the jewellers at the cost of similar rings, I still have to get ‘her’ band from them though. Thanks for saving me some pain! Warm regards, Tim

Phillip D

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“Got my ring in the post, fits great, looks the goods. I’m a happy camper.”


Titanium Men's Wedding Ring on white background

I have nothing but positive praise for Alice and The Gentleman’s Smith team. The process was unbelievably easy and we were able to try on different sizes to get the correct fit. The ring itself is great, we were very impressed when we received it in the mail.


Hi guys, I got my rings and I have to say they are perfect, and this is coming from someone who has researched mens rings.

Al van Z

Photo of testimonial author

“The Gentleman’s Smith made getting a ring easy and Manly. I loved the tie down strap for the sizing and the ring was what I wanted, simple, stylish and is quality 👍. It is refreshing to see how quickly they responded when I wanted to change the size. I’ve already recommended it to my mates.”

Reece B

Photo of testimonial author

“Boys got my ring today and it fits like a glove. Thanks so much for the efforts life saver will do my best to get the word out there for The Gentleman’s Smith cheers”

Hannah C

Testimonial author photo not available

“Hi, I just wanted to send a quick message to say how impressed I am with the communication from The Gentleman’s Smith! Every step of the way there is an email informing me of where the ring is and what part of the process I’m up to – there’s no guessing, it’s all very clear […]

James W

Photo of testimonial author

“This photo was taken a couple of hours before putting on one of your rings…”

Matt N

Photo of testimonial author

“I just got my ring! So comfortable and light weight! Perfect fit with their sizing kit too! Very happy with the service and the communication was great!”

Frances M

Photo of testimonial author

“Got ours! Just waiting for the wedding now.”