Do Titanium Wedding Rings Scratch?

Titanium Men's Wedding Ring

Titanium is an incredible metal with some rather unique characteristics, which make it the perfect metal for a wedding ring. Titanium is extremely lightweight but very strong. This makes it ideal for a range of industrial applications, and of course also ideal as a men’s wedding ring. On top of this, it’s a surprise to some that it’s a soft metal and yes titanium scratches.

The Gentleman’s Smith titanium ring comes with a uniformed neat brushed finish creating a matte look on the ring. You’ll notice very quickly as you wear your Titanium ring that you’ll put your own scuffs and scratches on the ring. This won’t be from doing anything out of the ordinary, just while you wear the ring going about life. Whilst this doesn’t sound ideal for a wedding ring, Titanium scratches a lot less than other metals ie. Gold.

How your Titanium will wear over time:

The initial scratches on your Titanium ring may look a bit unusual. At first the new scratches may really stand out against the uniformed brushed finish. As you continue to wear the ring, over weeks and years it forms it’s own unique array of scuffs and creates it’s own character. Once the whole thing is covered in your own unique scuffs it takes on it’s own brushed satin look rather than the uniform brushed finish it comes with. This is something we really like about our titanium ring because although all the rings start identical to one another, each customer ends up with a their own unique satin finish as they wear it in.

If this sounds like the ring for you then you can head over to the product page here. However whilst a lot of our customers opt for titanium, this isn’t to others liking and they prefer the characteristics of our tungsten ring which you can check out here.

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