Can men’s wedding rings be cut off in an emergency?

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If required, in an emergency wedding rings are cut off. A common question asked is, are all men’s wedding rings able to be removed safely? Whilst some men’s wedding rings are stronger than others, and all rings are made from different materials, most men’s wedding rings can be removed safely. Men’s wedding rings can be […]

How much does a Men’s Wedding Ring cost?

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How much should a men’s wedding ring cost? Trying to figure out how much to spend on a wedding ring? It’s going to last a lifetime, so you don’t want to get it wrong. Find out how much men’s wedding rings cost below and what influences the price point.  Wedding rings are made out of […]

Do Titanium Wedding Rings Scratch?

Titanium is an incredible metal with some rather unique characteristics, which make it the perfect metal for a wedding ring. Titanium is extremely lightweight but very strong. This makes it ideal for a range of industrial applications, and of course also ideal as a men’s wedding ring. On top of this, it’s a surprise to some […]

Men’s Wedding Rings That Don’t Scratch

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Wedding rings are made from all sorts of metals. Every metal has different qualities and are used for different reasons. Read on to find out which wedding rings don’t scratch and which do. Traditional wedding ring metals Traditionally used in jewelry are gold and silver which are precious metals and therefore cost a lot to […]

How to buy a men’s wedding ring?

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In the market for a men’s wedding ring? We will step you through what you require to get yourself the perfect men’s wedding ring, on time and the right size. Choose between buying in-store or online. Interested in buying online? Buying online allows you to purchase from home and your ring will be delivered to […]

How should a men’s wedding ring fit?

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As simple as we’ve made buying a men’s wedding ring, there just isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to sizing and fit.   The video above provides some information on what the perfect fit is and isn’t.  Men’s fingers come in not just a huge range of sizes, but also shapes.  This is why we stock dozens of […]

How to find out which men’s wedding ring size you are?

Find out which men’s wedding ring size you are by following the below steps.  Use our measuring tool* to gain an accurate sizing for a Men’s wedding ring. 1. Form a loop with the sizer, by putting the flat end through the notch on the other end. 2. Place this around the fourth finger on […]