Men’s Wedding Rings That Don’t Scratch

Tungsten Men's Wedding Ring



There are all sorts of different metals used for a men’s wedding ring. Traditionally used in jewellery is gold and silver which are precious metals and therefore cost a lot to purchase. Aside from price, the other drawback to these traditional metals is they are reasonably soft and therefore prone to scuffs and scratches. It is becoming more and more common for men to choose alternative metals for their wedding that are not just more affordable, but also extremely durable and scratch resistant. There is an obvious metal that meets this criteria and really stands out as a perfect choice for a men’s wedding ring, and that is tungsten carbide.


Tungsten is an extremely dense and hard metal. It has the same density (weight) as gold, and is also one the ‘hardest’ of all metals meaning it’s  very difficult to scratch. Whilst not impossible to put a scuff in it, it really is very difficult and does a really good job of keeping the brushed matte finish that it comes with over years of wear. It’s why tungsten is used on the cutting edge on saw blades and other heavy duty applications.


Tungsten Men's Wedding Ring


So are there any drawbacks to such a ‘hard’ wedding ring that doesn’t scratch? Tungsten carbide is more brittle than softer alternatives. You can imagine that something that is ‘soft’ has the potential to bend, whereas tungsten being incredibly ‘hard’ means the only way for it to change shape is to shatter. Don’t let this put you off though,  because the amount of force required to do this is considerable – for example hitting the ring with a hammer. And whilst this may sound like a drawback, it’s actually a positive that the ring can be broken if necessary in an emergency situation.


The scratch resistance of our tungsten ring is one of the many reasons it’s a customer favourite over our titanium ring. To learn more and see some photos, head over to our Tungsten Ring product page.





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