We started The Gentleman’s Smith in September 2016. Since then, we’ve served heaps of awesome customers. Here are a few of their comments.

So impressed with how quickly our ring arrived and the quality! Before we found you we went to many jewellery shops and nothing was catching his eye, i came across you guys and partner loved the ring, i have to say the product is even better in person ! We love that you get a beautiful wooden box to, we will be using it as our ring box on our special day. Thank you!

-- Jake & Charne

28 May 2017

What an exceptional product, not only that but their service before and after has been incredible. They are prompt, friendly and the have a great sense of humour.
I thought I had lost my ring only 2 months after being married and they were ready to do whatever it would take to help me get a new one asap and they were even ready to change size or help me in any other way they could.
If this wasn’t a product you would only need to buy once I would buy these all the time for the quality and the service.
Thank you especially to Matt for his ongoing help.

-- Lewis G

28 May 2017

Love this concept and the product is awesome. So easy and fast. Highly recommended

-- Sarah K

28 May 2017

Was massively unsure of what ring size i was so the boys sent me a cable tie like ring sizer. followed the instructions and got my ring yesterday amazingly fast turn around. these guys are genuine legends.
ps its a perfect fit!

-- Aaron F

28 May 2017

Got a ring from these guys and loved it! Because I’m a man not a rocket scientist I chose the wrong size – but the lads sent me the right size immediately with a return slip for the first ring. SO SIMPLE. Really thankful to them for making my ring choice easy – and fun! They are pretty hilarious to chat to. Cheers Gentleman Smith!

-- Lachlan N

28 May 2017

Got my ring today! Perfect fit, hassle free service and amazingly handy ring box! You Gentleman are worthy of a 5 star review!

-- Ryan B

28 May 2017

Had myself sized before ordering. My ring arrived in a magnificent wooden box. It fit and it looks amazing. These guys know what they are doing for sure.
Even offered to try a different size if I’d stuffed it and got the wrong size.. luckily I didn’t need to. 10/10 would recommend!

-- Matthew M

28 May 2017

We received the ring and are both so impressed with the quality and service! The box is brilliant and the ring itself is perfect, simple. Thank you!

-- Ellie B

27 May 2017

Such an awesome idea and even better service. Thanks so much!

-- Billie B

19 March 2017

Got my ring and box in the mail today. Stoked with it. Thanks guys.

-- Daniel C

8 March 2017

Hey guys! Just receive my replacement ring, thanks so much. Just wanna say how impressed I am by the whole gig. Being a businessman myself I can appreciate the brilliance and simplicity that has gone into this operation. Loving the ring, loving the service, keep up the good work

-- Jamie D S

28 February 2017

Hi guys, just dropping a line to say how happy I was with the whole buying process from the Gentleman’s Smith. Super easy to deal with, timely in communication as well as delivery. Getting married this coming Sunday, and as awesome as your ring box is, I thought it could use a little personalisation. Thanks for all your help, one step left!

-- Sam S

27 February 2017


I just want to say that I am very impressed with your service and the ring is perfect. The regular updates on what process they were up to was very comforting. I will certainly be referring you on to any man looking for his wedding ring!
Cheers guys, the whole experience has been fantastic.

-- Jess and Nigel

22 February 2017

Thanks for the great customer support and quick turnaround in getting the ring. With a wedding just around the corner the sizer was sent express post and we were able to get the order in straight away a couple of days later we received the ring and it was just what Hubby was looking for.. stylish, rounded edges, flat enough not to get caught on things and able to be worn all the time.

-- Bev W

15 February 2017

Just got the ring yesterday, it fits perfectly and my fiance was very pleased. Here’s another job well done!

Thank you so much for your help! Keep up the good work 🙂

-- Elena K

1 February 2017

Thanks to The Gentleman’s Smith team for their outstanding efforts. Getting the right size required a couple of back-and-forths, but the quick response time and patience was really appreciated. A great looking and feeling ring that will be a pleasure to wear for years and years! Cheers!

-- Ruben

21 January 2017

“Matt and the team at Gentleman’s Smith made getting the perfect wedding ring so easy. The design of the ring is awesome and the team were incredibly helpful when it came to resizing the ring to get the perfect fit. Cheers.”

-- Sam J

20 December 2016

Looks great, the size is perfect.

You guys have simplified the process and provided a quality ring.

I’ve been laughing at the jewellers at the cost of similar rings, I still have to get ‘her’ band from them though.

Thanks for saving me some pain!

Warm regards,

-- Tim M

20 December 2016

“Got my ring in the post, fits great, looks the goods. I’m a happy camper.”

-- Phillip D

20 December 2016

I have nothing but positive praise for Alice and The Gentleman’s Smith team. The process was unbelievably easy and we were able to try on different sizes to get the correct fit. The ring itself is great, we were very impressed when we received it in the mail.

-- Charlotte

20 December 2016

Hi guys, I got my rings and I have to say they are perfect, and this is coming from someone who has researched mens rings.

-- M T

20 December 2016

“The Gentleman’s Smith made getting a ring easy and Manly. I loved the tie down strap for the sizing and the ring was what I wanted, simple, stylish and is quality 👍. It is refreshing to see how quickly they responded when I wanted to change the size. I’ve already recommended it to my mates.”

-- Al van Z

18 December 2016

“Boys got my ring today and it fits like a glove. Thanks so much for the efforts life saver will do my best to get the word out there for The Gentleman’s Smith cheers”

-- Reece B

18 December 2016

“Hi, I just wanted to send a quick message to say how impressed I am with the communication from The Gentleman’s Smith! Every step of the way there is an email informing me of where the ring is and what part of the process I’m up to – there’s no guessing, it’s all very clear and I think that’s fantastic! Keep up the good work 🙂 Cheers, Hannah”

-- Hannah C

17 December 2016

“This photo was taken a couple of hours before putting on one of your rings…”

-- James W

17 December 2016

“I just got my ring! So comfortable and light weight! Perfect fit with their sizing kit too! Very happy with the service and the communication was great!”

-- Matt N

16 December 2016

“Got ours! Just waiting for the wedding now.”

-- Frances M

16 December 2016

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