Why Are Men’s Wedding Rings With Wood Popular Right Now?

Wooden rings are a popular choice, because they are so different to traditional rings with their interesting characteristics of grain and colour. Unfortunately, there are a few significant downsides that you should be aware of before purchasing a wooden wedding ring.

Being a natural product, wooden rings are more vulnerable to breakage. Their tendency to bear pressure is a lot less than Tungsten or Titanium and other metals. This is because rings need to be just a couple of millimetres thick which is fine for metal, but problematic with even strong timber. As a result they tend to be made a bit thicker than a metal ring which some people find less comfortable to wear as they notice the thickness between the fingers.

Further, it depends on the quality of wood that is used in crafting; the most durable wood for the crafting of wooden rings are different types of hardwood. Popular varieties used for men’s wedding rings include Dagwood, Elm, Sandal Wood, Maple, Aspen, Eucalyptus, Poplar and Walnut.

Compared to a metal wedding ring, a wooden ring needs a lot more care if it is worn every day; otherwise, it will deteriorate swiftly. But you can go for it if your skin is allergic to metals, as wood is hypoallergenic (yet depends on the type of finish that is used).

Wooden rings cannot withstand exposure to moisture for a long time. You have to remove it for showering, bathing, swimming, washing dishes or doing anything that involves prolonged exposure to water. Cosmetics can also have bad effects on wooden rings as the natural grain of the wood can absorb oils or anything in contact with them.

Wooden wedding rings are not highly recommended for an everyday wedding band, but can definitely be a good choice for wearing on occasions. It is for the above reasons that we don’t sell wooden wedding rings for men; they are just not durable enough, so why not go for something more suitable like Tungsten or Titanium wedding rings.


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