How to secretly find out your partners ring size?

Planning a surprise and want to buy your partner a ring? But how do you know what size you should buy? Here’s our top tips and tricks to getting your partner a ring that fits, without them knowing. 

We have had the privilege of helping many of our customers plan the perfect surprise engagement or gift. Buying a ring when you don’t know their size can be tricky. However out three top tips will help you find the perfect size. 

How to secretly find out your partner’s ring size:

  1. Use a current ring they wear to find out their size – if they have a ring that they currently wear you can use this to find their ring measurement. If the ring you plan on getting them is going to be worn on a different finger, then you can use this measurement as a guide to tell you whether or not you will need a bigger or smaller ring. For instance if the ring you are measuring is usually worn on the right hand fourth finger, and you want to buy a ring for the left hand fourth finger, then you can make an assumption that it will either be a bit bigger or a bit smaller. If their right hand is their dominant hand, then it is likely that you will need a half – full size smaller ring to fit their left hand. 
  2.  Measure their finger secretly – whilst they aren’t looking or asleep. This method is risky, and you might get found out, but if you think you can measure their finger whilst they aren’t looking then you should be able to get a reasonably accurate measurement. You can use our sizing kit, which is like a zip tie to measure their finger. This option is a last resort – highest risk and you really need their consent. 
  3.  Ask a family member or friend – do they have a family member or friend that is similar size to them so you can use their measurement. Or does a family member or friend already know their ring size. Ask around and try and get this information.

What if I don’t get the right size?

Whilst it may seem critical to get their ring size perfect, there is always a solution if it doesn’t end up fitting perfectly. The Gentleman’s Smith offers a perfect fit guarantee. This means we will make sure you end up with a ring which fits perfectly.  The Gentleman’s Smith has designed the perfect ring to last a lifetime. We have made purchasing a wedding ring simple, one design, one ring, one choice. You can find our Tungsten wedding ring here. Our customers love our product and you can check out our reviews here. If your ring doesn’t fit perfectly, we organize replacement rings to be sent out until you find the perfect fit. We know organizing a wedding can be a stressful time, so we are here to make this part of it simple and stress free. Find out more about out process here.

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