Which finger does a men’s wedding ring go on?

Man wearing Tungsten Men's Wedding RingWedding rings are given as a symbol of commitment during a marriage ceremony. The finger they are worn on varies from country to country. Usually influenced by tradition and culture.

In countries like The USA, Australia, New Zealand and Britain wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger on the left hand. Just like our model is so perfectly showing in the photo to the right. The left hand is the safe bet, but did you know a lot of European countries will actually wear it on the right hand? We’ve also heard of men having their wedding ring on a necklace rather than wearing it on their finger – perhaps a great option if you’re working with your hands.

Whilst it’s important to get it right, we believe the more important questions to be asking are: What is your ring made of? Does it look good, and last but not least – How well does it fit?

These are really important considerations when it comes to buying and wearing your wedding ring, whichever finger you’ll be wearing it on. To put it simply, here at The Gentleman’s Smith we sell a really good ring, that looks really good, and fits really good. Based on how stoked our customers are, we’re sure you’ll have a perfect looking and perfect fitting ring whichever finger you choose to wear it on.

Tungsten wedding ring
Our Tungsten Ring Worn on the Left Hand


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